Others An Employee from the Chiba Plant of Dow-Mitsui Polychemicals Has Received a Security Commendation from the Japan Petrochemical Industry Association

October 24, 2019
Photo: Mr. Harada is pictured third from the right in the back row

On Wednesday, October 16, 2019, Yuji Harada from the Chiba Plant of Dow-Mitsui Polychemicals received a security commendation at the 37th Security Promotion Meeting of the Japan Petrochemical Industry Association.

Mr. Harada is involved with the operation of an ultra-high pressure gas plant in the Production Team of the Chiba Plant's Manufacturing Section. As Production Team Leader and the staff member in charge of health, safety and environmental management as well as training, he has strived to ensure workplace security for many years through the use of his outstanding leadership and exceptional technical capabilities, and received the commendation in recognition of his outstanding achievements in these areas.