Sales AnnouncementAbout price revision of our products

April 12, 2022

We are pleased to inform you that the prices of our products will be revised as follows.

  • 1.Target products : All of our products
  • 2.Price revision range: + 20 yen / kg or more compared to the current price
  • 3.Implementation period:From delivery on May 1, 2022

  • Background / reason

Due to the recent economic recovery from the Corona disaster and the deterioration of the international situation due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the prices of various raw materials including the prices of resources such as crude oil, natural gas and iron ore have risen significantly, and as a result, the prices of electricity and other materials have risen significantly. Costs such as utility costs, distribution costs, auxiliary materials, factory maintenance materials, and labor costs have risen significantly.

In order to overcome this environment, we are continuing our efforts to reduce costs, but in order to ensure safe operation of the factory and stable supply of products, our self-help efforts alone cannot absorb the cost increase. It is an extremely difficult situation.

We have decided that we have no choice but to review the prices of our products in addition to the naphtha-linked products.

Inquiries: Dow - Mitsui Polychemicals Co., Ltd. Sales Department TEL 03-6253-4000