Sales AnnouncementNotice of Price Revision for EVAFLEX

April 26, 2021

We are pleased to announce the following price revisions for our products.

1. Details of the Revision

  • (1) Affected product: EVAFLEX™ (EVA resin)
  • (2) Scale of price revision: vinyl acetate monomer additive rate × 90 yen / kg
  • (3) Timing of the revision: Deliveries from May 12, 2021 onwards

2. Background and Reasons for the Revision

Vinyl acetate monomer, which is the main raw ingredient of the EVAFLEX™ (EVA resin) product mentioned above, has seen soaring market prices due to a sharp rise in raw material prices and a tight supply-demand balance, resulting in a significant rise in our procurement prices.

Although we have strived to reduce costs through rationalization and other measures to absorb this price increase, the impact of the sharp rise in raw material prices has exceeded the limit of our self-help efforts, and we have no choice but to ask for a price revision in order to ensure stable procurement of raw materials and stable supply of products.